Final Day: Hartley Performance

Sean plays live sounds as well as a prepared soundtrack, while Eben and Angela lead the video-puppeteering.

We use our favorite puppets from the whole trip for our final show and it looks great!

Day 12: Hartley Nature Center

We get help to finish the show...again!

Day 11 : Northwood Experience

A scenic drive north of the city takes us to Gooseberry falls.

Afterword, we find a pie cafe and indulge.

Next door is a pretty interesting thrift shop called "Fat 'n Happy"

They described the local weather well.

Day 10 : Sight Seeing

Another day downtown, great weather.

Day Nine: Show at the Playground!

Today we do a condensed workshop and show, putting it all together in 4 hours!

Eben gives a clear demo of various shadow puppet construction techniques.

And our new friends Fayja and Gracie crank out some excellent work!

Day Eight: a Movie and Show Preps

We stretch our necks to prepare for Mysteries of the Great Lakes; an Omnimax film that turned out to be all about sturgeon fetish.

Then we check out our next show location, the Playground.

We chalk up the facade to announce our event.

And we get some help doing it!

Day Seven : Special Visitor

This weekend we have free time to roam the city. Our MPLS friend Bart Buch stops by to visit.

He gives us sage advice for our journey and then enacts a Top Model-inspired photo shoot:

And did we mention? Duluth is BEAUTIFUL: