Day One: Minneapolis to North Branch (well, kind of..)

Yesterday night we all met to finish packing. After packing we set a meeting time for 9:30 in the morning. We all (kind of) got there at that time wearing our "paddy butt shorts", but still had some things to do. There was some final grocery shopping- Including surprise raisin bread!, some pumping of tires, and some finding of keys. We eventually made it out at 11:30. Our original departure time was going to be noon, so we were still feeling optimistic.

We were off! Yippee! We were on our way to the Stone Arch Bridge for our family photo.

OK! We began feeling the heat, made sure to drink lots of water, and were off on our adventure!

We made it exactly two blocks, when Andrea found her bike chain skipping. Oh, no...

Well, we phoned a friend, and decided it was a job for those peeps over at Erik's. We made a little detour down University to get the fix.

While waiting we sat in the heat and made some Jersey Shore inspired video interviews. Maybe Eben will post them. The fix was made, and THEN we were off!

Nicola started as Navigator to go through NE mpls and Roseville. We were doing fine until Shoreview, when there were some heat related issues for Nicola. We took a break, drank some water, and decided to continue.

The rest of the ride was miserably hot with all the hills and the trailers with all our stuff, but we pushed onward! We made it to White Bear Lake and were quite tired. It was getting late so we decided that instead of going the 20 miles we still had to go we would crash at Sean's parent's house in Mahtomedi.

We arrived right before a storm hit and were all extremely happy to take showers inside rather than out... We ate some dinner and checked our internets (we found that it hit record heat of 96... No wonder it felt so hot!)

Now that we are rested, Our attitudes are in a better place for tomorrow. We're going to wake up early to bike to North Branch where we will have our first workshop at one. Hopefully everything goes well... We'll keep you posted.