After sleeping through a cooling rain storm, we dried off all of our equipment, packed up our car, and headed to our final destination. Nicola, Sean and our gear on four wheels; Andrea, Eben, and Angela on two. The road to re-enter the Munger Trail was a little treacherous with hills and dirt roads, but we made it aboard the paved trail in no time. We pedaled through some of the most beautiful scenery yet! Andrea says it best:

We rode up some brutal hills to arrive at our campsite a little after noon. We're staying pretty far out of downtown Duluth, so we're planning on driving into town most days this week.

The campground we're staying at is bizzare-o-land! Run by Tom, a laissez-faire fellow, who compared managing a campground to "herdin' kittens," the campground is actually a cross-country ski trail! Wild. That means that there is a smelly chalet where we can cower from the rain. Right now, as we internet at the Caribou on Canal Street it's raining cats and dogs. Lightning!