Day Four: Work of art

This morning we woke up early and rode on County Road 61 from North Branch to Hinckley. The morning was cool and foggy and we made excellent time, arriving in Hinckley around noon. We unpacked, we snacked, then we napped! An excellent afternoon after an fantastic day of riding.
After our refreshing naps, we set out into what had turned into a sweltering day to go where else but Tobie's for pizza and root beer. Dinner's conversation: who will be declared the champion of the contemporary art world by China Chow on tonight's finale of Work of Art? Will it be the Minnesota native Miles? The quirky Peregrine? Or, the impressionable Abdi?
Back at the hotel, we realized the cable didn't include Bravo. CRISIS!!!!!!!! Thinking fast, we got on the phone trying to find someone to point a camera at the television and Skype us a live feed. Thanks to Chris Baker and Nicola's parents, we are very thankful for your technical wizardry.
Unfortunately, Miles, you were not the big winner. Bummer man.