Day Three: Youth Connection's Performance

On day three, Eben and Angela had a busy morning of Pop Tarts, Baywatch, and snoozin. Meanwhile, Andrea had a busy morning working on the Spark Festival and enlisting the help of Jerden Dressel and Josh Olson to run bike related errands in exchange for a cube of pop. Unfortunately, this morning we found out Nicola's asthma will keep her from completing the tour on bicycle; she and Sean will continue on by car while Andrea, Eben, and Angela will pedal on. However, our loads will be lighter as we put all our gear into the trunk of the car. Thanks Nicola and Sean!

Back at Youth Connections, we started the afternoon with some games before breaking into our groups from yesterday. Putting the final touches on some puppets, finalizing some choreography, and editing some video. After a quick break for crackers and juice, we were back to work– rehearsing for our big show.

Jeanne Leland said said some really sweet things about us, thanks Jeanne. The North Branch performance of Balloon Balloon Balloon, Balloon Balloon was a smashing success. Everyone performed beautifully and celebrated with cookies and lemonade.